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AKC Champion / UKC Grand Champion

Canadian Rarities Champion
Staker's Tikis Dream Maker AOMX ROM OFA CERF TT

123/4 inches; AKC/UKC DNA'D; OFA; Optigen Pattern B

Wizard's Pedigree

Wizard is known as an outstanding sire and his legacy will continue on with his many children, grandchildren and so on.

AKC Highlights

He was awarded the "Register of Merit" in March 2008. Wizard is the third sire in history to achieve this, and the First Miniature!
As of Oct 31, 2006 Wizard is Ranked #10 All Time Producing Sire. To date, he has produced 12 AKC Champions, 5 AKC National Specialty Winners, 4 AKC Group placers, 2 Ranked in the Top 10 and 1 Companion Dog Excellence Obedience titled.

Wizard is the first Eskie in Canada to earn a Group Placement in AKC - a GROUP 4 on July 4, 1999!
* * * Group Picture * * *

In just three weekends, Wizard completed his AKC Champion title with these accomplishments: Winners 4pt mj, Winners Dog 4pt mj, Best of Breed Over Specials 3pt mj, Winners 4pt mj, Best of Opposite & a Best of Breed

UKC Highlights

As of March 6, 2014 Wizard is Ranked #8 All Time Producing Sire. To date, Wizard has produced 11 UKC Grand Champions, 12 UKC Champions, 2 UKC National Winners, and 4 offspring ranked in the Top 10.

Wizard has been honored by the UKC's National American Eskimo Dog Association with an "Award of Merit Excellence" title. Wizard has proven himself consistently as an outstanding sire.

Wizard was ranked with the United Kennel Club # 5 Breed for the year 1998!

Wizard completed his UKC Grand Champion title undefeated with five consecutive Champion wins in only three weekends.

CKC Highlights

He has won many CKC Best Miscellaneous

Canadian Highlights

Wizard was ranked in Canadian Rarities # 7 All-Breed for the year 1998.

He is the first American Eskimo in Canada to win not one, but two Best in Shows with four Group 1 Placements in one weekend with Canadian Rarities.

Wizard's Offspring --- Family Portrait



CKC / UKC Champion Carara Fast Track Tracer OFA

13 inches; CKC/UKC/AKC Reg; AKC DNA-VIP; Optigen Pattern A; OFA Good

Tracer's Pedigree

Tracer is a gorgeous boy who single tracks front and rear and has a sweet disposition.

Tracer's Littermates

CKC Highlights

New CKC Champion! Tracer is undefeated in CKC.

Tracer and Maxi's first Group Placement Photo

Group 4 on April 5, 2008 - - - Group 2 on November 2, 2008

AKC Highlights

Tracer went Best of Winners with a 5 point major!

He went Reserve Male over a large entry at the 2008 Nationals in Pittsburgh.

UKC Highlights

Three Best of Winners. Tracer went Best Male at the 2007 Nationals in Washington!

Tracer's Offspring


CKC Champion Carara One Stop Chopper

14.5 inches; CKC/UKC Reg; Optigen Pattern A


CKC Highlights

New Champion! Chopper finished with 2 Best of Breeds and 5 Best of Winners!

UKC Highlights

Chopper earned a Best of Winners and Best Miniature Male!


AKC / UKC Champion Carara Fox Random Stryker OFA CERF

141/2 inches; CKC/AKC/UKC; DNA-VIP; OFA; Optigen Pattern B

Stryker's Pedigree

Co-owned with Virginia Collins

AKC Highlights

Stryker earned points from 5 judges earning 5 majors in three weekends, including Best Bred-by Exhibitor,
and going Best of Breed three times over specials.

UKC Highlights

Stryker won Best of Winners at the 2000 UKC Spring Nationals in Utah!

Stryker's Offspring --- Stryker's Littermates



AKC Champion / UKC Grand Champion /CKC Champion
Sondogs Zoes Lexi Lace AOM OFA CERF TT

123/4 inches; CKC/AKC/UKC Reg; AKC/UKC DNA'd; OFA; Optigen Pattern A

Lexi's Pedigree

Lexi is retired.

Lexi is the base of my foundation. She is an outstanding female. Lexi is the Breed Standard.

UKC Highlights

Lexi has been honored by the UKC's National American Eskimo Dog Association with an Award of Merit title proving that she is an outstanding foundation bitch. From her first three litters, Lexi has produced, 5 AKC Champions, 3 UKC Grand Champions and 5 UKC Champions, including a Top 10 ranked daughter and a son & daughter with Major wins at the Nationals.

In 2000, Lexi was ranked #2 in UKC's Top 10 by defeating 180 American Eskimos in only four weekends of shows!

AKC Highlights

Lexi earned her AKC Championship in just two weekends! Out of 8 shows, Lexi won Winners Bitch 6 times and
Reserve Bitch at the 2002 National in Louisville.

CKC Highlights

Lexi earned her CKC Championship in March 2008, a month before her 12th birthday! Picture coming soon!
Prior to recognition, Lexi was undefeated and won many 'Best Miscellaneous' & 'Best Miscellaneous' in numerous CKC events.

Lexi x Willy Offspring --- Lexi x Dice Offspring --- Lexi x Wizard Offspring --- Lexi x Len Offspring



CKC Champion Carara All Maxed Out OFA

11.5 inches; CKC/AKC/UKC Reg; AKC/UKC DNA VIP; Optigen Pattern B

Maxi's Pedigree

Maxi is an absolute delight. She has a wonderful personality and great movement.

Maxi's Littermates

CKC Highlights

New CKC Champion! Maxi is shown in the Toy Group. Group photos below.

Maxi and Tracer's first Group Placement Photo

Group 3 on April 5, 2008 - - - Group 2 on April 18, 2008 - - - Group 3 on April 20, 2008

Group 4 on May 9, 2008 - - - Group 4 on May 11, 2008 - - - Group 4 on May 17, 2008

Group 3 on October 3, 2008
- - -
Group 3 on April 3, 2009
- - -
Group 4 on April 4, 2009

Group 4 on June 5, 2009

AKC Highlights

Maxi went Best of Winners with a 5 point major!

UKC Highlights

Maxi went Best Female her first weekend out!

Maxi x Tex


CKC Champion Carara Floey the Smurf Licker

10 inches; CKC/AKC/UKC Reg; Optigen Pattern B

Floey's Pedigree

Floey is the sweetest little dog.

CKC Highlights

New CKC Champion! Floey is shown in the Toy Group. Floey went Best of Breed 5 consecutive times.


AKC Champion / UKC Grand Champion Carara Fox Soft Sea Breeze

11.5 inches; CKC/AKC/UKC Reg; AKC/UKC DNA-VIP; Optigen Pattern B

Breezie's Pedigree

Breezie is retired.

AKC Highlights

Breezie attained her Championship in two weekends from the Bredy-by class.
She also went Group 1 and Group 3 in the Non-Sporting Bred-by Group in Louisville!

UKC Highlights

At the 2001 Fall UKC Nationals, Breezie won the National Champion of Champions class!
She earned her UKC Champion title at 7 1/2 months old in just three weekends.

CKC Highlights

Breezie won her second Best Miscellaneous !

Breezie x Tex - - - Breezie x Ace - - - Breezie x Wizard- - - Breezie's Littermates

Carara Shimmers on the Rox

CKC/AKC/UKC reg; AKC/UKC DNA-VIP; 113/4 inches;

Parents both Optigen Pattern A

Roxi's Pedigree

Roxi has beautiful single tracking movement front and rear. She is so much like her mom Lexi.

Tracer x Roxi 1st - - - Roxi x Wizard 2nd - - - Roxi x Wizard 1st


AKC / UKC Champion Withingtons Sashi at Carara OFA TT

113/4 inches; AKC/UKC DNA'd; OFA; Optigen Pattern B

Sashi's Pedigree

Sashi is retired.

AKC Highlights

Sashi earned her AKC title in 3 weekends with 4 majors.

CKC Highlights

Sashi has won Best Miscellaneous (beating pro handlers) and several Best Miscellaneous Female!

UKC Highlights

At seven months of age, Sashi won Best of Breed and in three weekends completed her title.

Sashi x Wizard --- Sashi's First Breeding


Champion Carara's Belle of the Ball OFA

111/2 inches; CKC/AKC/UKC; DNA-VIP; OFA; Optigen Pattern A

Bella's Pedigree

Bella is retired.

UKC Highlights

Bella earned her third Best Female with a Best of Winners and Best of Breed.

AKC Highlights

Bella earned 3 Reserves her first weekend out in AKC!

Bella x Danny --- Bella x Cruize Control --- Bella's Littermates

Carara Bright Spirit of Zoe OFA

131/4 inches; CKC/AKC/UKC reg; OFA; Optigen Pattern B

Zoey's Pedigree

CKC Highlights

Three Best of Breeds her first weekend out.

UKC Highlights

At Zoey's first show, she earned a Best Female and Best of Breed.

Zoey is a close line breeding on gramma Brooke Zoe. Zoey has excellent structure, excellent movement, great bone, a beautiful head and an outstanding personality. Zoey is more of a doggie-bitch type.

My beautiful Zoey has gone to Rainbow Bridge.

Zoey's only litter - Zoey x Wizard

The Eskies on this page are my past, present and future.

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